My Wife Loves Wife Sharing

We are are a husband and wife who have been married for 12 years, and we bring you this wife-sharing review site to help you find the extra spice that will save your marriage, just like it did for us!  Wife swapping has been the best move we ever made as a couple and has brought us closer than ever, and we think that every couple should at least try it, especially if they want to add an extra spark to their lives.  Sex was always a major sticking point for us.  Things got kinda stale and we grew apart and just forgot how to please each other.  Finding out my wife was having an affair with a guy ten years her junior changed everything though!  I wanted to be angry when I found his emails to her.. but as I read them, I felt super horny in a way I hadn’t for a long time, with the pressures of work and so on..  This younger guy was banging my wife!  And, he couldn’t get enough of her!  And reading her filthy messages to him, well… I saw her in a new light.. I saw the hot young babe she was in college, and still is.  Man, I felt so bad that I’d neglected her sexually.  When she came home, I confronted her, and one thing led to another and we had some of the most mind-blowing sex we had ever had in 12 years of marriage!  She was like a cat in heat, and I couldn’t stop thinking about sharing my wife, and how much it excited me.  We talked afterwards and she admitted she still loved me, and wanted to make things work but she had felt so neglected that she didn’t feel sexy or like a woman at all, and didn’t want to become “old before her time”.

That was the beginning of our joint ventures into the online world of swinger websites, and we tried many of them before we realized some sites were definitely better than others.  Guys bang my wife regularly now, and so do I!  Things got better at work, and just all round and I truly believe it was the improvements in our sex lives that kickstarted that.  Life is amazing knowing I have this hot babe at my side who just loves to play around with other guys.  She’s the flirty, adventurous college girl I fell in love with and sharing our wife swapping fantasies and making them happen has breathed new life into our marriage.  If you are new to the idea of swinging sites, or you are a regular on the scene, you will find our site a useful resource as we bring you the best wife share sites out there that stand out among the many hundreds of sites offering wife sharing.  Don’t even bother wading through the myriad of websites out there in this scene as a lot are scams and won’t provide the quality experiences you want..  These wife swapping sites are ones we have personally used and enjoyed and will keep things sweet, discreet and sexy.

a review of swinglifestyle - best site for swingers

SwingLifestyle Review

I share my wife at SwingLifestyle quite often. We use it as a hangout for vidchat and texting in order to meet up with a third person or couples.  This site has a lot of flexibility and you can have wife sharing virtual dates or schedule real life meets.  The atmosphere is quite adventurous and is a place where there are lots of people that are exploring their kinkier side.  This is a fun place for those that are new to the wife sharing scene and will also keep well-seasoned swingers happy.

a review of adultfriendfinder - a premier swingers dating site

Adultfriendfinder Review

Adultfriendfinder isn’t really a dedicated wife swapping/sharing site BUT it’s still 1 of the best sites to go to if you want easy wife switching.  Since Adultfriendfinder has an option that lets you create “couples looking for…” profiles, you’ll find that there are many users here who are looking for swinging and pretty much the same thing you are.  The real advantage is that if you want a bbw, milf, cougar or want your wife screwed by a dude of another race, you will be able to find that on this site.  Adultfriendfinder really has all the advantages of the best swingers sites and with quite a few bonuses as well!

A review for Ashleymadison - a premier swingers dating site

AshleyMadison Review

AshleyMadison is one hell of a wife swapping resource!  When i desire for guys to come bang my wife and satisfy her 1 night stand fantasies, this is where we go.  It’s amazing because you get matched with people or couples based solely on the sexual encounter you are both looking for; no emotional awkwardness means no hassle.  Due to my wife’s insistence I met a couple of babes here and loved the hungry way they went at me, like they were malnourished carnivores that hadn’t had any meat in months!

a review of Sweet & Casual - a premier wife share site

Sweet & Casual Review

My wife REALLY LOVES Sweet & Casual!!  This is a site that she usually uses by herself but we also have a couples profile too in order to use together whenever we want to.  It’s awesome because there is an option to search as a couple and get paired with other couples, this is a huge convenience and makes it easy to find other couples seeking swingers.  For the guys.. There are some very dirty married women here and you won’t be disappointed if you’re just looking for a fast encounter!