# 4 - Sex.com - Best Sites For Swingers & Sharing My Wife Stories Best Sites For Swingers & Sharing My Wife Stories

# 4 – Sex.com

My wife LOVES Sex.com!! She uses it by herself most of the time, but we also made a couples profile too, so we can use it together if we want to. It’s great that there is the option to search as a couple, or look for other couples and this is a huge draw for many people seeking swingers sites.

Using Sex.com is like seeing my wife strut her stuff in sexy red stockings and a neglige, I just know some guy will see her and wanna bang my wife! We never fail to get meetups here that provide us both with amazing satisfaction for days to come.

Guys here love to do my wife in real life, or as an online fantasy date, and so there are a lot of horny wives who use this site for their needs. Sex.com does cater to swingers and people seeking one-on-one but as the vibe is one of pure naughty sexual fun, and with a leaning towards superfast hookups of both online, or real life dates, it doesn’t matter too much: If you want wife swapping you’ll get it here for sure at this swinger site.

Guys.. there are some extremely dirty married women here, and you will not be disappointed if you want a fast encounter!

# 4 – Sex.com


Quality of matches


    Speed of meetups


      Customer satisfaction



        • - Extremely dirty, fast-paced, yet friendly and fun atmosphere
        • - You can create a
        • - Enjoy fantasy, or real-life hookups
        • - Very social, open vibe
        • - Match and meet fast


        • - Caters to both swingers and singles seeking one-on-one, some may prefer swingers-only site
        Reviewed by admin on 09 July 2014